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What we are happy to support you with

We offer advice, concepts, and technical expertise to make digitisation a success in the company.

We want the digitalisation and transformation of our customers to succeed.

To accomplish this, we rely on a professional inventory and intelligent orchestration of the existing IT as well as new technologies. We handle projects from start to finish, from planning to implementation.

Technology is not everything. Get good advice first.

We offer market-neutral advice and focus on your challenges, not on technologies and tools.

We want our customers to make the right decisions for technologies and IT integrations and offer vendor-neutral advice and evaluation of technologies and licencing models. A technology must adapt to a company's workflows and challenges, not the company to a technology.



Marktneutrale Beratung

From the first conversation to ongoing operation. We accompany you through the entire process.

Citro DIgital Solutions Prozessbegleitung

We offer process support so that knowledge about processes is anchored in the company and not just in concepts on paper.

Processes are the backbone of your company. On the path to digital transformation, the collection, documentation, and redefinition of processes for digital projects are fundamental prerequisites. We support you with holistic process consulting and accompany your teams in workshops so that the foundations can be laid for your digitalisation projects. A clear benefit is that you create self-learning teams in your organisation, and a common understanding of processes and interfaces can be developed across departments and functions.

We develop customised solutions with fast ROI thanks to clever no-code and low-code technologies.

Thanks to proven no-code, low-code technologies, we quickly support the development of solutions with a fast ROI and a focus on accelerating and automating processes. This includes solutions for the digital workplace, intranets to optimise employee communication, extranets, customer and partner portals, and much more. In addition, we offer completely ready-to-use applications for a quick start.

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Citro Digital Solutions at work
Robotic Process Automation

We automate repetitive processes and routine tasks for maximum efficiency and new freedom.

Based on intelligent RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies, we develop powerful bots in just a few days and weeks so that repetitive tasks such as cut-and-paste activities or web searches can be taken over by software robots, i.e., your digital employees. In this way, you relieve the people in the company, who can focus more on customer needs instead of less demanding activities. This contributes to higher satisfaction and an increase in value creation.

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