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We digitalise and automate business processes

Citro offers the digitalisation and automation of business processes and workflows with intelligent no-code and low-code platforms and technologies for automation, so that employees can devote themselves to meaningful and value-adding tasks.

We don't want you to waste time with slow processes and repetitive procedures.

We are Citro. With a view to the needs of our customers and experience from over one hundred projects, we support the digitalisation and automation of processes and workflows.

Together with our clients, we lay the foundations to put business processes and repetitive workflows to the test and create documentation on use cases and requirements that, thanks to selected technologies, lead to the implementation of customised business applications with a fast ROI. In this way, digital self-services for customers and employees, digital workplace solutions, customer and service portals, extranets, web applications, and much more are created.

Our clients include corporations, medium-sized B2B companies, SMEs, and organisations from the social sectors. 

What we offer

<CitProzessberatung und Digitalisierung

We help to create clarity about process knowledge so that process intelligence can emerge in the company.

Together with the employees and teams of our customers, we support them in workshops to identify processes and recurring tasks. In doing so, we use software that enables rapid documentation for concepts and technical developments. In extensive projects, we serve as process facilitators for our clients and collaborate with them to form self-learning process teams. In this way, knowledge is anchored in the organisation and forms the basis for further measures for digital transformation.

Citro Entwicklung

We develop digital self-services so that employees and organisations can work efficiently and in a customer-centric way.

We support our customers in accelerating and, if necessary, automating workflows and processes so that employees can devote the time they have gained to more meaningful tasks. We develop digital self-service solutions, such as applications that map all workflows along an organisation's value chain, from inquiry to automatic invoicing. In addition, we create new solutions from existing IT systems and the data treasures hidden within them.


We offer customised customer and service portals for sustainable customer relationships in B2B and SMEs.

We optimise customer service in B2B and SMEs in collaboration with our customers. This reduces and partially eliminates unnecessary time wasters and costly sales and aftersales processes. Provide customers and partners with digital self-services and increase customer satisfaction for optimal and sustainable business relationships with an extranet.

Citro Robotic Process Automation

We automate repetitive tasks with the help of software robots so that people can carry out meaningful activities.

Find repetitive activities and tasks in your organisation and automate them with software robots, your new digital workers. With robotic process automation you can significantly reduce costs in your organisation.

Shape the future of your company and free yourself from unnecessary administrative tasks.

This is brought about by the digitalisation and automation of processes and workflows.

Simplification of processes, relief for IT

Digitise existing processes and automate routine activities in your administration. Include the data treasures from your existing IT systems.

Competitive advantages and new opportunities

Gain a competitive advantage by increasing speed with digital self-services for customers and employees, e.g., for improved customer communication and fast order processing.

Relief through digital self-services

Improve customer satisfaction and customer experience with digital services that reduce the burden on your organisation and IT alike.

Transparency and focus throughout the organisation

Create clarity about all processes and procedures in the company and actively involve your employees and teams.

Away from data silos and shadow IT

Eliminate data silos and historically grown shadow IT; do away with solutions that you only use because no other options are available.

Increasing employee satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction with time-saving digital self-services.

Customers who trust us

No matter whether they are SMEs, medium-sized businesses, or corporations. These organisations trust us.

Topics and knowledge

Get more up-to-date information on useful tools and development environments for fast implementation of your digital transformation.
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