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Case Study
Sunrise Medical

Increasing process quality through digital complaint management.

Case Study 
Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, production, and distribution of wheelchairs and systems for perfect sitting and positioning. Worldwide, 2,000 people work for Sunrise Medical. In line with its credo "Improving people's lives," the company's innovative products enable independence and a self-determined life.

Initial situation and Challenge

Wheelchairs help to improve the quality of life and are usually customised for the specific needs of their users. Multiple adaptations of the product are possible, especially after delivery.

Since Sunrise Medical did not previously have a centralised management system for returns and complaints for adjustments to customer-specific requirements, the handling process was done with manual effort. This resulted in a slow process and higher costs for handling adjustments on delivered wheelchairs.

Motivation and goal setting

Sunrise Medical focused on the following goals:

  • Increase the process and product quality.
  • Acceleration and partial automation of the process when handling customer-specific product adjustments and returns.
  • Avoidance of new returns thanks to a complete history of products and a learning system.
  • Significant reduction of throughput costs based on defined KPIs.



  • Improvement of customer services.
  • Complaint management.
  • Process digitalisation.
  • Workflow optimisation.
  • Data integration in ERP.


The newly implemented software for integrated complaint management at Sunrise Medical offers digital handling of the entire return, complaint, and maintenance processes.

The application replaces tasks that were previously organised by hand using e-mails or Excel lists. As soon as a customer-specific request is received, tasks, changes or components can be assigned to a product, enabling coordinated and accelerated processing for those involved.

Project overviews and task management, including release and reminder functions, ensure that all roles, i.e., customer service, manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics, are involved in the process. In addition, customers are always informed about the status of the development. This makes everyone involved aware of the current status and the entire process chain. The processing of returns and complaints is now done at twice the speed than was previously possible.

The software was implemented with Intrexx, a leading low-code platform. Intrexx enables the efficient and fast implementation of software solutions for process optimisation and use in the organisation. With fifteen years of experience, Citro is a certified Intrexx partner. Let us advise you without obligation.


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